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Frequently Shared Links

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Frequently Shared Links


Since joining Twitter, I find myself with lots of opportunities to "share out" information.


Here are some of the current "goodies":


Up & @ 'em, Tweeple! ICYMI, here's how you can believe America was great, via @alwaystheselfhttps://twitter.com/alwaystheself/status/733667137898840065 #BlackLivesMatter


Thx for the RT! If you don't already know, some good #howto info re: image description is here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20174660


Thx for the gift of your attention, xxxx! I tweet at least one new #haiku/day, & collect them here: http://butwait.blogspot.com/search/label/haiku


Hi, thx for following! I'm mostly re: helping students find their learning tribes, stoking the #Resistance, & daily #haiku.


"If you see me wearing a safety pin, know that you are safe with me and I am your ally." ~ @ColleenLindsay


Friends, I plan to attend #Quaker meeting this Sunday at 9am in #Princeton. Maybe this is your time to check it out? http://quakerspeak.com/first-time-quaker-meeting/


Thx for following, ______! I'm mostly re: acad. matchmaking for k12 stu, purposeful networks for all, & dark chocolate for me


Welcome, new followers! I'm mostly re: helping students find their learning tribes, purposeful networks for all, & dark chocolate for me. ;)


You are most welcome, and thanks for the followback! I'm mostly about academic matchmaking for k12 students, as well as purposeful networks & the pursuit of racial justice for all. Plus I tweet at least one #haiku I can stand to share here every day. 


 I'm an educator, & a geek. So I'm an eduhacker; someone who's all about networked learning, esp. via technologically enhanced means.


Thanks for the follow! I'm concentrating on local folks & college admissions in my incoming stream, but @ me if you have ??'s


Thx for following! I'm focusing on local folks & learning matchmaking in my inbound stream, but @ me if you have ??'s


Psyched to dream re: this awesomeness happening for Addie Addye Studios in North Philly! You +/or someone you know can help bring this shared artspace exclusively for women of color to life!  https://igg.me/p/2292150/twtr/809548


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org  Don't be ashamed to ask for help. #RobinWilliams


You may also appreciate: https://twitter.com/butwait/timelines/502791034687221760 & https://twitter.com/butwait/timelines/502799039944228864 #TTTI


My Googlesites personal landing page (http://sites.google.com/site/shelleykrause/):



Teachers, register class blogs here | Challenge Yourself to Blog http://bit.ly/2010classblogs #classblogs #edtech


Today's edition of School Leaders Daily is here: http://bit.ly/schldrs


Twitter is my laboratory, faculty lounge, news wire, librarian, crystal ball, tech conf., art project, classroom, dinner party... (HT @kim)

Riffing off of @kim in this tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/kim/status/184819287289106432


EdCamp evangelization: 





@lizbdavis' tips: http://bit.ly/liztips

@jenwagner's tips: http://bit.ly/jentips 


Educon N00b tips: http://bit.ly/educontiplist

Educon Add a Tip: http://bit.ly/educonaddatip  


On MLK day, some educators were tweeting about all the vital things that are NOT covered by "the test"... http://bit.ly/notonthetest1


.@jeffpulver is in search of heart-felt stories, poss. w/ themes of finding meaning +/or giving back. http://bit.ly/140conf12 by 2/3! #edchat


My "bug-off, non-person" tweet: https://twitter.com/butwait/status/230508893745324032


Draft of letter to "refuse" testing: http://goo.gl/GhWFkj


Welcome, new followers! I'm a school-based #storyteller & #college counselor; I mostly tweet re: that work. Plus: one #haiku each night.


"If you are educated & free, empowered & safe, use your strength, yr power, & yr gifts to help the rest of our human family." @maggiedoyne


I am white/ cis/ queer/ abled/ English-speaking/ educated/ 2nd gen American & college/ privileged... and using my power & gifts to help.


The collegelistswiki.com includes a list of #colleges w/ ESL support, a list of 7-yr med programs, a list of coll. w/ farms... +250 more!


Wondering which colleges have early action (EA) +/or early decision (ED) programs? The collegelistswiki.com has those lists... and more!


Black lives. Black dreams. Black contributions. Black history. Black visionaries. Black artists. Black families. #AllMatter #WorthRepeating


We are a nation of indigenous peoples, & immigrants, & stolen people. (HT @SimonMoyaSmith & @tinykinseyscale) #HistoryMatters #DealWithIt


#WhiteFolkWork White comrades who want to shut down racist talk & redirect attn away fr POC, check out #LOWPAWSfacebook.com/groups/lorwp


Schedule for the #Princeton & #Slavery Project Symposium & its related programming for the w/e of Nov. 16-19, 2017: https://slaverysymposium.princeton.edu/schedule


Are you making your plan for voting next month, #Princeton peeps? Use https://www.vote411.org, watch http://www.lwvprinceton.org/voters-guides/archives/princeton-school-board-candidates-2017, be prepared.



More about my practice: https://twitter.com/butwait/status/710442237843345408


I'm celebrating my #haikuversary tomorrow by tweeting out some #haiku from my archives... wanna send me a day/month combo to work from?


Students who are concerned about how colleges might respond to a record of protest-related disciplinary action may find this growing @NACAC compilation of college policies helpful: https://www.nacacnet.org/news--publications/college-and-university-update-on-disciplinary-actions/

Specifically related to my day job


I work w/ HS students, thinking re: college search & fit. Also help to facilitate the College Lists Wiki: http://bit.ly/collegewiki #hackedu


College Lists wiki:



Summer Programs page of the wiki:



Middle School Summer programs page of the wiki:



College Search Tools page of the wiki:



Recommended resources:



Home School Admissions Policies:



College Lists wiki page of Af-Am scholarships:



NCAA search page for schools offering sports, by division:



College Lists wiki page of test-optional colleges:



College Lists Wiki "SAT Reality Check" page:



College Lists Wiki "Early Action Programs":



College Lists Wiki "Early Decision Programs":



College Lists wiki page of colleges that "super score" the ACT:



College Lists wiki page for students who are in love w/ horses:



College Lists wiki page of "green" college resources:



College Lists Wiki page for students who are interested in studying human rights:



Colleges with late deadlines:



Art, but not an art school:



Colleges that accept ASL:



Gap or service year programs:



Colleges offering compressed or accelerated 3 year programs:



Colleges possibly offering deals for twins:



College sponsored or related blogs:



EduCon listing of my session:



Wiki page for my EduCon2.2 conversation:



Resources around reducing the US postsecondary educational achievement gap:



Pocket Essay Editor:




Summer Programs (in general):



Summer Program Abroad



Summer Writing Programs:



Summer Architecture or Engineering:




Summer Architecture:



EdCamp inclusivity page:



Slidedeck for NJACAC 2010 "Whose List Is It, Anyway?"



FAFSA "howto" screencast:



GoogleDoc of all TED talks:



"How To" Essay links:





Guess Who's Coming To Visit, fall of 2013:



RPS Related:




@mapographer's summer course in Italy: http://bit.ly/musicfestphoto


List of adjectives & phrases for rec-writers: http://bit.ly/recwriters


FAQ re: digital letters of recommendation: http://bit.ly/digilettersFAQ


CommonApp short answer skinny: http://bit.ly/shortanswerskinny


Link to just the video from 140edu 2011: http://bit.ly/140edu11video


13 Essay Tips: http://bit.ly/13essaytips


Fall 2012 regional admissions programs: http://is.gd/RPS12collintro or goo.gl/iubXb


Which schools require/ request/ etc. SAT Subject Tests: goo.gl/SCAK0



Welcome wagon & general edu links


Thanks for following me! I'm concentrating on local folks & college admissions in my incoming stream, but @ me if you have ??'s


Thanks for the follow! Find more teachers here: http://bit.ly/tweetingtchrs & add yrself here: http://moourl.com/addyourself


Hi, & welcome to the Twittersphere! You might find my Newbie FAQ helpful: http://bit.ly/newbiefaq ... listen, share & learn!


Tchrs checking out Twitter? See "howto" info here: http://bit.ly/howtotweetk12 , then find teachers here http://bit.ly/tweetingtchrs


Thx for following, ______! I'm mostly re: acad. matchmaking for k12 stu, purposeful networks for all, & dark chocolate for me


Nathan Grimm's (@n8ngrimm) ed-chat related widget: http://bit.ly/edwidget


Blog of the Twitter Exercise Motivation Team: http://bit.ly/temtsite


Add yourself to @lizbdavis ' compilation of educators on Twitter here: http://moourl.com/addyourself (then see everyone else over here: http://moourl.com/twittershpreadsheet)


Welcome! K12 edu leaders should check out @gcouros ' fab curated feed bundle on Edu Ldrshp: http://bit.ly/gcourosbundle


Ed-Themed Hash tags: http://tiny.cc/edchats (Thank you, @cybraryman1, @thomascmurray, & @cevans5095


(Previously: http://cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html  or http://bit.ly/edhashtags & http://bit.ly/edchats via @cybraryman1)


My list of K12 school leaders on Twitter: http://bit.ly/schleaders


If yr computer crashed today, how much of a disaster would that be? Would you lose photos? Bookmarks? Contacts? -- Church of Monthly Backup


Scott McLeod's call for model 21st century schools:



Twitter Newbie FAQ: 



Places to find other Twittering teachers:



Teacher Twitter mentors:



Classroom 2.0 Live learning events calendar: http://tinyurl.com/cr20live


Collection of posts re: hackedu event:



Clayton Wright's monster edtech conference list:



Steve Hargadon's & Lucy Gray's Global Ed Con



Jane Hart's developing "top 10 tools" list:



Call for submissions:



Gplused wiki:



More personal links:


Zina's profile of us: http://bit.ly/wethree


Elopement slides: http://bit.ly/WeEloped


RPS college counseling dates:



Music video:



Appalachian poems:




Monday's class (Prezi): http://bit.ly/rpshaiku1


Wednesday's class (Google presentation): http://bit.ly/rpshaiku2


My wish list:


or http://bit.ly/sakwishlist


DRK shoveling:



Nina & Chance in snow:



Forever Family Day 2010:



YouTube + GoogleMaps on the Trans-Siberian railroad:





Dominic's map of Princeton: http://goo.gl/maps/R5S4X




If you live near #Philly & care re: #k12 edu, consider yourself invited & warmly anticipated: www.ntcamp.org #unconference July 24, FREE


Help get the word out to the full range of human geniuses re: www.ntcamp.org FREE awesome PD for new & master tchrs in Philly #blacked RT?


Sad that #iste10 is over? Not to worry, #ntcamp is on the way: July 24th in Philly! Get your free tickets today http://bit.ly/dA3ht3


Need a keynote speaker? A special offer for nonprofit orgs, schools, & libraries - via @pattidigh (37days) http://bit.ly/pdighkeynote



Chris Brogan's non-profit site


We eloped!


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