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College Search Engine Review

Page history last edited by Shelley 11 years ago

College Search Engine Review


First attempt at my rubric (August, 2009):


DATA (8 pts.)

(2) Is the list of schools included comprehensive?                                                   

(2) Are the must-have variables there? (majors, size, distance from zip, selectivity)

(2) How's the number of useful variables?

(2) Any advances in quality or uniqueness of variables?



(2) Sortability and/or adjust as you go factors?

(2) Intuitive navigation & decent help?

(2) Looks good?                                                                                                       

(2) Save/export info option?



(2) user-driven (as opposed to "we know best")

(2) data source? if info collected, how used?


BONUS (5 pts.)

"Best in Class" in any of the categories = 1 pt.

Site designers seem to understand that counselors and/or parents exist = 1-2pts.

Plus any other stuff that just seems worth mentioning/ rewarding


(Highest possible score = 25)


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