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Blackberry River Retreat

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Blackberry River Retreat



Contact info for Shelley:

 I will be driving to M&D Dana's on Saturday, January 26th.  Phone there is 413-637-0451

Sunday morning through Tuesday lunch I will be at the Willits-Hallowell Center at Mount Holyoke College.  The phone number there is 413/ 538-2217; I will be in a room with an as-yet-unknown roommate.



Schedule of fun for Tama and Mr. D:




10am  wrestling  (still Shelley)

11am  Parker's party (still Shelley)

sometime around 3pm or 3:30:  Tama to drop D off at Fred's house, 107 Fleming Way, (in the complex that is basically across the street from the school) ph: 921-0795  Talk with Annemie about how long a visit seems good.


Sat. evening: make card to go with Leon's present, wrap Leon's present


Fun online game from Mommy:  Untangle


No need to set an alarm or make a lunch.





IMAX Mountain Gorilla movie?  (Hasn't arrived as of Friday... could have some sadness in it... if it does arrive on Saturday, you might want to save it for when you can supervise)

Some other movie so Tama can sleep?


Figure out what clothes D should wear to Leon's party


D goes to First Day School @ 11am.  (Bring tube socks and peaches for homeless bag packing.)

Lunch together somewhere fun?

2pm - 3:30pm... Leon's party at the Little Gym, in Maria's shopping center, see notes on calendar about appropriate attire, try to arrive a little early if at all possible


Sunday evening

bedtime video from Mommy (5 minutes):  Awesome Underwater Camouflage

Set an alarm!

Make a lunch!




Dominic has Mad Science after school until abou 4:15

4:30: pick D up at school, drop him off in the Great Room for sandwich-making.  Connect w/ Tom Quinn who will be there with Elinor, and agree on a time for Tom to drop D back home or a time for you to pick D. up at Elinor's.


Monday evening

Set an alarm!

Make a lunch!





My program ends with lunch, so there's a good chance that I'll be able to pick D up after school on Tuesday.  I'm really looking forward to THAT hug!  Please keep your cellphone on and with you just in case I get stuck in traffic or something.


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