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Backstage with the Archivist

Page history last edited by Shelley 9 years, 9 months ago

Backstage with the Archivist


Getting ready to serve as EduCon2.3's unofficial archivist. Two weeks ahead of where I was last year; should make it better!


Get off of waitlist and onto attender's list. (1/12/11)

Get archive page set up. (1/13/11)

Ask to be included in @lizbdavis list of attenders. (1/13/11)

Let folks know I hope to reprise my role. (ongoing... @dlaufenberg, @chrislehmann, @mrchase, @budtheteacher)


Snag the shortlink: http://bit.ly/educon23archive


Research Twitter archive options (1/13/11)

Currently using @poh's http://twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/educon


Keep an eye out for the n00bs (1/14/11 - ongoing):

Help the #EduCon 1st timers out by tossing in a tip or two: http://bit.ly/educontips (see the growing list @ http://bit.ly/educontipslist)


Help the #EduCon 1st timers out by tossing in a tip or two? http://bit.ly/educontips  (list @ http://bit.ly/educontipslist)


Jen's post: http://projectsbyjen.com/blog/?p=1905



List of folks who express regret about missing the conference?













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