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Upper School Video 2010

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Upper School Video 2010


Pulling together an advisory board...


John Miller:


Video starts w/ mission statement read by multiple students, still pics cross-fading in background. (~ 1:30min)

Violinist & other students ("I am a Rutgers Prep Middle School student") (1:30-2:15)

Candid shot of students walking across campus (good smiling energy) (2:15-2:30)

"The Middle School is a dynamic place, where learning occurs across the campus... (John Miller voiceover, video of students active in athletics, music, dissection, art studio) (2:30-3:30)

Math classroom & stills (3:30-4:30)

Advisory (4:30)

Science (5:10)

Foreign Language (5:30)

Latin (6:25)

Technology (laptops, whiteboards) (7:00 - 8:30)

Art (8:30-9:15)

Drama (9:15-9:40)

Music (9:40-10:20)

Metacognition (10:40)

Preparation for Upper School (11:30)




Erik Weese (@brklynsurfer):

1. You probably don't need HD cameras

the files size is too big and hard to manage upload times are longer and conversions take longer too. 

2.  Use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

given enough time the students and the teacher fill figure these programs out.

3. Plan your video out.

4. The less you shoot the less you have to edit. 

5. Double the amount of time you think you need for editing.

6. Make sure the project has a clear goal and identifies the steps to get to the goal. 



Cali Macchia (l/m 3-14-10):

Leave lots of time for editing, and leave time for re-shooting


Strengths in editing, filming, still shots, writing, voice-over...


You can't show everything...


Popular teachers, music, art, athletics


Maybe not a storyboard, but at least some sense of arc.


Interviews with teachers.


Everything needs to have at least the same aspect ratio. The lower the light, the better the camera you are using.


Sound is a kind of make or break component... otherwise it seems like home movies. Camera mics are good for ambient sound, but not necessarily for voice.


HD and regular can both be used.


Used a tripod as much as possible.... good handheld is okay, but bad handheld is really bad.


Start wide and walk the camera into the shot.




Jen Mengedoth:




Colin Riendeau:


Samples to check out:


(by http://twitter.com/yvonnelatty)


Why Do We Connect?


(via @ShellTerrell , background info here: http://weconnect.pbworks.com/) Used Camtasia for editing & liked it.

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